Thematic Lines

Advanced Biomaterials, Biomimetics and Nanomedicine (AdvBiomat)

 The goal of the AdvBiomat TL is to explore new sources of natural origin biomaterials and bioactive agents to enhance their functional and structural properties, and to develop/implement nanotechnologies to process them into different structures.

Tissue Engineering, Regenerative and Precision Medicine (TERM&PrecisionMed)

The goal of the TERM&PrecisionMed TL is to explore innovative 3D-biomaterials structures (with complex/multiple functionalities) and cells sources towards the development of more efficient tissue substitutes. A particular emphasis is given to technological platforms enabling personalized tissue engineering strategies to generate tissue-like substitutes tailored to patient specificities.

Stem Cell Technologies and Engineered 3D Tissue/Disease Models (Stem&3DModels)

The goal of the Stem&3DModels TL is to advance on elucidating the influence in stem cells biology and biochemistry provided by environmental factors including cell–cell and cell–matrix interactions and soluble stimuli. This will allow defining the ideal 3D environment that maximizes the biological/biochemical potential of different stem cells for creation of (patho)physiological 3D in vitro models.

Microbiology and Infection (MicroInfect)

The goal of the MicroInfect TL is to unravel key mechanisms of host-pathogen interaction, specifically those underlying host resistance/susceptibility, aiming at understanding how microorganisms contribute to disease, developing applications for the identification of prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic targets for personalized medical interventions.

Neurosciences (NeuroS)

The NeuroS TL explores the assessment of neuroplastic events combined with behavioural, neurochemical and electrophysiological, molecular biology, (epi)genetics and neuroimaging correlates to understand the pathophysiology of specific neuropsychiatric conditions and to explore modulatory interventions promoting recovery of structure and function in neuronal tissues.

Surgical Sciences (SurgicalS)

The SurgicalS TL goal is to understand the pathophysiology of disease to uncover novel therapeutic strategies for malignant (cancer) and congenital conditions, in order to identify markers of response to therapy and explore new targets to personalized therapies. It fosters the bench to bedside strategy by developing surgical approaches to minimize surgical aggression in clinical practice.

Population Health (PopHealth)

The PopHealth TL aims at comprehensively targeting the Health of Populations in its different contents: epidemiology, prevention and intervention, health informatics, health policy and management, biostatistics and big data analysis. It originates from the health cluster environment around the ICVS/3Bs.