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ICVS/3B's Governance Structure

Director and President: The directors of the two research groups, the ICVS and the 3Bs, take responsibility for the overall Coordination of the ICVS/3Bs, assuming, on an alternating mode, the positions of President and Director;

Directive Board: composed of 5 elements of the ICVS group and 5 elements of the 3Bs group (including the Coordinators of the Thematic Lines and the 3Bs and ICVS directors). The Directive Board is responsible for the management and administration of the ICVS/3Bs, supporting the President and Director activities, in terms of design, supervision and implementation of its policies;

External Advisory Committee (EAC): Composed by scientists of recognized international merit to monitor the activities of the ICVS/3Bs, actively supporting the Directive Board, particularly in the planning and execution of all the actions needed to achieve its mission.

Organization Chart