To promote better healthcare by fostering the advance of knowledge in mechanisms of disease and advanced therapies, and to promote the generation of value through the development of innovative products/services and clinical interventions.


The ICVS/3Bs Associate Laboratory aggregates since 2011 two previously independent Research Units from the University of Minho: ICVS and 3Bs. It enters its activities in the interface Health Sciences/Technologies.

Research Aim

The ICVS/3Bs aims to contribute to advance basic research on the pathophysiology of target disorders with societal impact and, in parallel, to develop new technologies, therapies and medical products for vaccination, diagnosis, regenerative nanomedicine, precision medicine and minimally invasive therapeutic procedures.


Centered @3Bs

The research activity of 3Bs focuses on the development of new biodegradable or biomimetic biomaterials, as well as on human stem cell sourcing and differentiation, towards new solutions that may lead to relevant patient-centered clinical applications. These include regeneration of human tissues and organs, advanced therapies against cancer and degenerative diseases.

Centered @ICVS

In ICVS the interplay of molecular mechanisms and pathways in human health and disease is investigated translationally in a wide-ranging pipeline, from cellular/animal models to patients and populations. This approach aims at fostering groundbreaking scientific advances, ranging from fundamental progresses in biomedical and clinical knowledge to the development of new prophylactic and therapeutic approaches and medical devices.